Frequent Asked Questions

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Who can use RLX.IM?
Anyone is welcome to use RLX.IM to make money doesn't matters if you are Blogger, Marketer or Normal internet user.
How much can I earn from RLX.IM?
Our CPM is fully dynamic and strong related to many factors like your visitor's country, environment or your traffic quality etc.
Do you count multiple views from single visitor?
Yes we do count multiple views from single visitor.
Do you pay for worldwide views?
Yes, we have a 100% fill rate for all views sent to us, worldwide and for all operating systems.
How can I start makeing money with RLX.IM?
In order to get started simply register an account with us and we will guide you once you login to your account.
How often do you pay?
We pay on Multiple payment terms NET30, NET15 and Fortnightly.
Which payment methods RLX.IM support?
We pay via Paypal, Skrill, Payza and Webmoney WMZ.

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